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Body and Accessories:

In every jeep we fit totally new body with heavy metal sheet which increase vehicle life. Body shape also modified as per customer’s requirements like: Square, Rectangle and Round shape etc. Different type of accessories like: powerful battery, new radiator, bucket seats, removable roof etc. used to make jeep good, attractive and different from others.


We use DI, Nissan, Toyota and Isuzu diesel engines in our jeep with excellent condition which gives excellent performance ,stability and control for smooth and safe driving. Also offer strength and good impact absorption and thus provides a more comfortable ride as well as less noise, vibration and harshness. The chassis frame sits on a coil spring suspension system. This gives a suspension setting that is tuned to match road conditions, so there’s good drivability, stability and comfort whatever the load on board.

Power Steering:

Jeeps have power steering which makes the drive smooth and comfortable. It also helps to drive jeeps on-road and off-road with effective control. Actuator adds controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver needs to provide only modest effort regardless of conditions. Power steering helps considerably when a vehicle is stopped or moving slowly. Also, power steering provides some feedback of forces acting on the front wheels to give an ongoing sense of how the wheels are interacting with the road.

Power Break::

This system helps drivers have better control of a vehicle in some road conditions where hard braking may be necessary. In vehicles without power brake systems, drivers who encounter slippery conditions have to pump their brakes to make sure they do not spin out of control. Power braking systems coordinate wheel activity with a sensor on wheel that regulates brake pressure as necessary, so that all wheels are operating in a similar speed range.

Why Choose Us

  • Excellent resale value.
  • Great vehicle for all seasons.
  • Relatively low price / good value.
  • Parts are plentiful and cheap for repairs.
  • Durable interior made for weathering the elements.
  • Fun to drive – turns every drive into an adventure.
  • Handles well on pavement, mud, sand, snow and water.
  • Rugged and durable – lasts for many years & miles.
  • Servicing is available in All countries and small cities.

  • Location

    Ward no.17, Near water works
    Sirsa road, Mandi Dabwali
    Dist. SIRSA (HARYANA).
    PIN: 125104

    Contact Person

    Name: IQBAL Khan

    Mobile Number: (+91) 98761-25881

    Whatsapp Number: (+91) 98761-25881